Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Online Store for Health Products

I found a great online store to buy my favorite products like Chloroxygen, Bach Rescue Remedy, and Auromere Toothpaste. Go to This site has over 12,000 natural products. For first time purchasers enter code:

and receive a $5.00 discount off your first order.

I know what you're probably thinking: that if I buy online I may save money on the product but the shipping will negate any savings I get. That's a valid argument, but get this:

Shipping is free if you order over $40.00 dollars of product or there is a small $4.00 shipping fee if under $40.00. It used to be a $60.00 minimum so things are even BETTER! So with a little smart shopping - like ordering a few of your favorite products together, you can eliminate shipping charges (not to mention you are already saving by not paying sales tax).

Once you place your first order you can set an account and receive your own code to give to others and receive a discount and/or earn cash for yourself too! Just remember to use IHE882 code to save yourself $5.00 on your order!

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