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Monday, June 11, 2012

Laminine - Not For Just Baby Boomers

I'm calling Laminine the Happy Power Pill. Not just for Baby Boomers, but for those even older (oooh, did I just call that group old?)

I'd say it's also great for us Gen Xers... and Ys and well, pretty much everybody.

C'mon, get happy people!

I'm a big skeptic when it comes to supplements and 'magic pills'. So, when a friend shared Laminine with me, I wasn't overly interested in it, but I figured, why not try and see.

Well, I can see why the company decided to use the network marketing business model for Laminine...

It HAS to be shared and talked about and boy, if you are like more people who try it, you won't be able to keep your mouth shut!

 Rather than try to explain how it works and what it might do for you, go visit and be sure to watch the 2 videos on there. They are together about 8 minutes long.

 I also uploaded an mp3 file that has a lady named Phyllis who does a great job explaining how this pill works. listen here >>Phyllis Interview

 Try it today - it's the only way to see for yourself. You have nothing to lose. 100% money back guarantee.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Infratonic 9 By Sound Vitality Now Available

Sound Vitality gets better all the time. Their newest Infratonic creation is smaller than previous generations. It's more portable, and battery operated too!

The cost is also coming down making the INFRATONIC more affordable than ever! They offer a 90 day money back guarantee which is more than enough time to see how well they work for a myriad of physical ailments.

The Infratonic 9 by Sound Vitality is now available on AMAZON:::

Sound Vitality also has an even more affordable unit - the Mobile Medic - which can be purchased here:::

Every home's medicinal arsenal should have one of these in their possession! There are so many testimonials from people where burns, broken bones and more have been healed by these machines.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

New Easy Way 2 Pay for Massage with PayPal

I've created a drop down MASSAGE menu so people can select
the amount to pay in $5.00 increments.
Let me know if you have any trouble using this feature.


If this isn't working for you, email me @
the amount you are paying and I
can send an invoice instead.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Massage 'Groupon' Style Deal For HSN Employees

Are you stressed out with everything going on in the world?

Experiencing a pain in the neck or back (literally)?

I'm offering a Groupon like deal THIS WEEK ONLY in the spirit of St Patrick's Day. Cause hey, using a holiday for a reason to make a deal is as good as any other.

OK, here's the scoop [READ BEFORE YOU BUY]:

30 minute massage in the wellness center
  • Regularly $35.00
  • Just $20.00!
  • I'm limiting the total quantity to 15
  • Limit one per person.
  • Massage MUST be used by APRIL 15th 2011.
  • Include your email when you order via PayPal so i can email you your coupon

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

QI Gong Back in Orlando This April 30-May 3rd 2011

Are you looking for a great way to earn your CEUs at an unbeatable price?

WHAT: Qigong Revolution Tour
WHERE: Orlando Convention Center
WHEN: April 30 - May 3 , 2011

THIS Year is sure to top them all yet!
Wim Hof a.k.a. ICE MAN (Tumo Breathing Master)
is going to be at the ORLANDO event April 30th-May 3rd, 2011

This years World Qigong Day “National Event” will be the biggest & best event ever.
We will be revealing new teachings never before released to the public.
Also, with Live music, 2500+ people all inhaling at the same second...

Allow me to explain. From a practitioner level, you seldom get to
enter an energy field where SO MANY people are building energy simultaneously.

It is an amazing experience and a fun environment.Even though the days are long, they go by pretty quick and the high level of energy you experience is unreal!
And STILL just $99 for all 4 days!

Why is Everyone Doing Qigong

CEU's are not the only thing you get for $99.
Most people describe a new "electricity" in their body. You'll learn advanced breathing techniques that give a full-body vibration & can easily be transmitted to others.

Naturopathic Food-Based Healing is also taught in detail. Time-tested protocols that have helped people naturally reverse diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma and even the worst digestivce problems like constipation and IBS. In fact, this training is so PACKEd with life-changing content that people who've attended seminars for 30 years or more ar saying it is hands down the best seminar of their life.

THIS IS THE ONLY FLORIDA EVENT FOR 2011. Don't miss your opportunity to get a world class education in Qigong energy medicine and Naturopathic Food Healing. The last two events sold out. "Massive Qigong Gathering: 1000's Will Breathe as 1 Register today for only $99."

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Online Store for Health Products

I found a great online store to buy my favorite products like Chloroxygen, Bach Rescue Remedy, and Auromere Toothpaste. Go to This site has over 12,000 natural products. For first time purchasers enter code:

and receive a $5.00 discount off your first order.

I know what you're probably thinking: that if I buy online I may save money on the product but the shipping will negate any savings I get. That's a valid argument, but get this:

Shipping is free if you order over $40.00 dollars of product or there is a small $4.00 shipping fee if under $40.00. It used to be a $60.00 minimum so things are even BETTER! So with a little smart shopping - like ordering a few of your favorite products together, you can eliminate shipping charges (not to mention you are already saving by not paying sales tax).

Once you place your first order you can set an account and receive your own code to give to others and receive a discount and/or earn cash for yourself too! Just remember to use IHE882 code to save yourself $5.00 on your order!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Is MET (Muscle Energy Technique) Explained

MET (Muscle Energy Technique)

Brief History:

IN 1954, a therapy system known as PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) was introduced. PNF stretching is still one of the widest used and most effective therapy systems for the rehabilitation of neurologic and soft tissue disorders.

A modified version of PNF is called Muscle Energy Technique, or MET for short. MET helps to couteract muscle spasm, improve flexibility, and restore muscle strength.

How is MET done?

MET involves the contraction of a muscle by the client against the resistance provided by a a therapist followed by relaxation and subsequent passive stretching to increase range of motion of the related joints.

MET is performed by movign a body part involving the tight muscle into a stretched position to a point of discomfort. The therapist then supports the body part in this position while the client contracts the muscles for five to thirty seconds, and then relaxes. A contraction of 30 to 50% is adequate. The process is then repeated 2 to 5 times as the range of motion of the affected muscle or articulation increases until flexibility is restored and spasm reduced.

Caution: If any movement causes the client to tense due to pain, that movement should not be performed.

MET is a valuable tool when addressing soft tissue conditions that involve tense or shortened muscles. Muscle spasms are effectively quieted. Joint mobility can be improved and lengthened or weak antagonistic muscles can be toned.

Secondary technique used:

Athletic/Sports Massage

Shaking/Jostling (vibrating) a limb or area releases tension and loosens fascia and improves lymph movement.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Myoskeletal AST (Articular Stretching Techniques) Explained

I subscribe to Erik Dalton's newsletter and get regular updates on his seminars

Who is: Erik Dalton Ph.D., Certified Advanced Rolfer and founder of Freedom from Pain Institute

In a recent email he talks about . . . Muscle or Joint Pain? Where he also gives a quick rundown and explains the concept behind his techniqe:

Myoskeletal's "Articular Stretching Techniques" (AST)

Articular stretching is a soft-tissue form of joint mobilization that requires proper training and good hand skills to become proficient. Myoskeletal Alignment uses bones as levers to assess and release deep spinal muscles that restrict normal joint flexibility. Articular stretching is performed to help restore joint play and to relieve protective myospasm. Normal muscle function depends on normal joint function. If joint motion is not free, the involved muscles that move it cannot function and cannot be restored to normal. Thus, impaired muscle function leads to impaired joint function, and impaired joint function leads to impaired muscle function. In this cycle, muscle and joint function cannot be functionally separated from one another.

AST is a specific type of direct technique using voluntary contraction of the client's muscles. The joint is placed in a specific position to facilitate optimal contraction of a particular muscle or muscle group while the superior vertebral segment is secured with fingers or thumbs. The client then is asked to isometrically contract the muscle(s) against counter-pressure (Fig 4). This causes the muscle to pull on the bony attachment that is stabilized by the clinician which results in moving one bone in relation to its counterpart. AST is an extremely valuable technique for restoring joint play and releasing protective muscle spasm. By combining deep tissue maneuvers and precise joint stretching routines, AST promotes optimal, pain-free movement.

So now you know ;-)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Qigong Coming To The Pacific Northwest and VEGAS this summer

Qi Gong Revolution is making the rounds across North America this Summer 2010.
Learn Qigong from Jeff Primack. His version is known as Supreme Science Qigong and is taught over an exciting and intensive 4 day session.

It is an amazing experience and a fun environment. Although the days are long, they go by pretty quick and the high level of energy you experience is unreal!

Great for massage therapists, energy workers, reiki practitioners, nurses, psychologists, acupuncurists.

Natural Healing Energy Medicine

Qi Gong is coming to the following cities:
  1. VEGAS - July 17th - 20th Henderson Convention Center
  2. PORTLAND, OREGON - July 24 - 27th Portland Convention Center
  3. TACOMA, WASHINGTON - July 31st - August 3rd Tacoma Convention Center
  4. AUSTIN, TEXAS - August 14th - 17th - Austin Convention Center
Tickets are only $99 for all 4 days. Books, Videos, etc are available thru the online store in advance or during the events.

You don't just learn qigong, but also incredible seminar on food based healing and more.

Learn How Millions are REVERSING DIsease

For more info or to REGISTER for an event, visit QI GONG

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