Monday, May 18, 2009

Everyday Is Earth Day

So long as we're on this planet, every day we're here is 'Earth Day' in the literal sense.

Sure, we have Earth Day every year on April 22nd, like it's another holiday, but in this case, if we REALLY want to make a difference and reverse or slow down the damage we do to this rock, we need to be conscious of what we do EVERY day by changing our habits and behaviors.

Shaklee's Get Clean home starter kit is one place to start at an individual level (hey, let's get real, everything starts and ends with each of us - taking personal responsibility for our own actions and not expecting someone else like the 'government' to take care of it).

The two fold slap in the face to the American way as it used to be to how it's becoming is the 'not my problem' combined with 'let someone else do it for me/deal with it' attitude. Throw in a the entitlement mentality and you have a recipe for the downfall of a once great land.

Ok, I'm off the box of soap now :-) Carry on.

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