Thursday, July 15, 2010

Qigong Coming To The Pacific Northwest and VEGAS this summer

Qi Gong Revolution is making the rounds across North America this Summer 2010.
Learn Qigong from Jeff Primack. His version is known as Supreme Science Qigong and is taught over an exciting and intensive 4 day session.

It is an amazing experience and a fun environment. Although the days are long, they go by pretty quick and the high level of energy you experience is unreal!

Great for massage therapists, energy workers, reiki practitioners, nurses, psychologists, acupuncurists.

Natural Healing Energy Medicine

Qi Gong is coming to the following cities:
  1. VEGAS - July 17th - 20th Henderson Convention Center
  2. PORTLAND, OREGON - July 24 - 27th Portland Convention Center
  3. TACOMA, WASHINGTON - July 31st - August 3rd Tacoma Convention Center
  4. AUSTIN, TEXAS - August 14th - 17th - Austin Convention Center
Tickets are only $99 for all 4 days. Books, Videos, etc are available thru the online store in advance or during the events.

You don't just learn qigong, but also incredible seminar on food based healing and more.

Learn How Millions are REVERSING DIsease

For more info or to REGISTER for an event, visit QI GONG

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