Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day: How to Be Romantic Without Spending a Lot of Money

Valentine's Day.  Love it or hate it.  It comes around every year on February 14th like clockwork.

So just because you're not rich like the sultan of Brunei who can spend millions on all of his wives,  you don't have to fall back on the excuse of a lack of funds for being a dumdum on Valentine's Day or any anniversary or special occasion.

Instead of the tired old flowers candy and chocolate [unimaginative] routine, (although you really can't go wrong with flowers if she likes them) you could try something like:

Hey, if it's good enough for major hollywood studios. . .

Be Green - Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time

With the economy taking its toll on  virtually every industry, everyone is looking for ways to spend their money more effectively.

One hollywood studio saved $40,000 on cards and postage by doing eCards and videos for all of their clients and friends.

Seem cheap?  Spin it this way - you're being green by not using snail mail - that's so 20th century anyway Mr Hipster - Keeping with the times.

Make a Video.

Just be sure to make that YouTube setting to private unless you want to share with the world your dying love for your honey by doing a strip tease in your underoos.

Learn a Romantic Song  and Sing it to Your Sweetheart.

Trust me,  it is a real rush singing to your true love and the fireworks that erupt afterward will have you wondering why you never had the courage to do it before.

if you've never sung to your girl or guy, the first time is really exciting and special absolutely amazing, incredible.

You could step it up by writing an original song and then sing it. If you're really courageous, you can go to a karaoke bar and surprise your love by singing it there.

Remember, it's all about uniqueness and making it special.  Doing things that nobody else can do because it's coming from you. It's  coming from the heart.

Not a singer? More of a writer? Or artist? For the artistically and or musically inclined:

You could pen a poem on nice paper. . . or even paint it... 

You can paint a picture...

Still too creative for you?

Make a CD or mp3 playlist of Love Songs and make a cover list/ liner notes on the memories of you and yours as they relate to the songs.

You can make a Personalized Photo Album using a service like Apple's iBook service and iPhoto.

Here is something that's a throwback to when i was growing up: 

Romantic Picnic

Surprise your love with a 'picnic' in the park, at the beach, or any other outdoor nature spot.

If the weather isn't ideal for outdoors, you could bring the outdoors inside -find a fake palm tree, flowers, sand, beach umbrella, radio towels. Substitute the sunscreen for massage oil and give each other massages.

Write a Message

If you do have snow outside, you could stomp out the message and fill in the letters with spray paint or flower pedals or rocks.  If there's no snow you can use sidewalk chalk to write a message to your sweetie.

Anybody can go out and buy something - but it takes effort and thoughtfulness to put some thought into it and make it personal, but it doesn't require a lot of money to do this and make it extra special. The effort you put into it will be worth every moment of bliss that is created out of it.

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